About DBS

Providing an Integrated Smart Building IT/PoE Solution

Traditionally, when designing and executing a facility upgrade or new “fit-out” installation, many vendor companies may touch the project at varying moments in time.

It is not uncommon that one engineering firm designs the solution, another manages the project, an army of suppliers and contractors are hired to build and install new systems. These routinely include:


Environmental Sensor Data Mining

DC Grid IT/PoE


Then, when a project is completed, a different team must maintain complex technologies that are big on promise and short on delivery. It becomes nearly impossible to establish standards, manage costs, and deliver optimum outcomes.

There is a better way.

DBS provides integrated, one-stop, in-house capabilities to seamlessly coordinate a variety of smart building technology solutions heavily focused on sustainability, lowering operating costs, and enhancing human health, wellness, and productivity.

The DBS Value Proposition

  • Precision End-to-End Design, Installation, Service
  • Scalable technology
  • Seamless Integration
  • Sustainable Savings
  • Full Life-Cycle Support

What We Do

Our Technology

A DBS-designed PoE System integrates a safe, efficient, low-voltage platform for smart buildings.

Whether via separated, converged network, or cloud-based system, DBS allows owners and facility managers to manage, monitor, and control their operations seamlessly, securely, and in one place.

  • Powered by Cisco, the DBS platform and technology channel partners provide ultimate customization with functionality for luminaires, shades, environmental sensors and HVAC, and A/V, all fully integrated across a DC platform.

Some of the key elements included:

  1. Cisco-based PoE Headend Equipment
  2. Management Software
  3. IoT Device/s – AV, Lighting, Restroom (soap-hand towels) and Shades.
  4. Sensors – Occupancy, Temperature, Daylight Harvesting, Oxygen – Environments, and Directional.

What will be delivered

  • Combine disparate building networks
  • Deliver enhanced user experiences
  • Improve efficiency and sustainability of operating systems
  • Enable business analytics for better employee engagement and productivity